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Frederick   Jun 28, 2014  

Austin Mahone has revealed that he hopes to write with Ed Sheeran soon.

The singer was in London to perform at the Capital FM Summertime Ball this weekend and he told the radio station about his collaboration plans.

The US star said that he hopes to work with Sheeran on my new material for his next album.

Mahone said: “I’m working on my next album so that should come out at the end of this year, if not the beginning of next year. I’m working on that, hopefully I’ll get in the studio with Ed [Sheeran].

“He’s a great writer, so hopefully I’ll get to write with him a little bit.”


Frederick   Jun 28, 2014  

Have you guys seen Austin’s music video for his new single “Shadow”? It’s awesome! Go pick up his EP “The Secret” if you haven’t done so yet!

Frederick   Jun 27, 2014  

Frederick   Jun 27, 2014  

I’ve been working on the gallery and I have added photos of Austin walking the red carpet at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards in April. Enjoy!

[PHOTOS] April 26 – Radio Disney Music Awards – Red Carpet

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Frederick   Mar 13, 2014  

Only a few more hours before Austin’s new music video for “MMM Yeah” featuring Pitbull premieres on VEVO! So excited!

Frederick   Jan 24, 2014